5 Ways to Earn Cash Back at JINsoon

Earn Cash Back at JINsoon

Earn Cash Back with JINsoon

One of the simplest ways to save money on everyday purchases is by earning cash back. There are various methods of doing this, such as using a cashback app and browser extension or pairing your credit card with an rewards program.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app and browser extension that enables you to clip digital coupons from grocery stores, travel agencies and online retailers and redeem them for cash back when you reach $20. With this amount, you can either transfer the cash back to your bank account or PayPal account or use it for purchasing gift cards.

2. SecretDiscounter

SecretDiscounter offers free online cashback to thousands of merchants. Plus, their calculator allows you to quickly estimate how much cash back you may get after making a purchase.

3. Rakuten (formerly eBates)

Rakuten offers an easy way to earn cash back when shopping at more than 4,000 retailers across the US. All you need to do is download their browser extension or app and create an account – it’s that simple!

4. Yazing

Yazing members enjoy 4% of all purchases from 4,485 top brands, plus access to exclusive deals and discounts. When you click any JINsoon deal on Yazing, you’ll earn cash back and discounts both at once!

5. Payce

This app enables users to earn cash back at various retailers, such as Home Depot and CVS. They have a standard offer that typically rewards $5 when spending $20 or more; additionally, their rewards program offers additional cash back at select merchants.