Bed Threads

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Earning cash back while shopping for luxurious bedding has never been easier! Bed Threads, a popular destination for high-quality linens, now offers a fantastic cash back opportunity for savvy shoppers. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Bed Threads, and how you can save a pretty penny on your next purchase by simply using the Lolli app. So let’s dive into the cozy world of comfy sheets and cash back deals!

Bed Threads is an Australian-based company that has garnered a loyal following for its exceptional range of sustainable, 100% flax linen bedding. With a diverse selection of vibrant colors, elegant designs, and sumptuous materials, Bed Threads ensures that every customer can find the perfect set to suit their taste and budget. Beyond their commitment to quality and style, the company is also dedicated to sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly production methods to minimize their environmental impact.

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Saving with Bed Threads is a breeze using the Lolli app! As a browser extension, Lolli makes it incredibly easy for shoppers to earn cash back on their favorite online stores, including Bed Threads. To get started, simply download the Lolli app, create an account, and start shopping. When you visit the Bed Threads website through the app, your cash back rewards will be automatically applied to your purchase. The more you shop, the more you save—it’s as simple as that! So go ahead, indulge in some luxurious linens and make your bed a dreamy haven, all while earning cash back with the Lolli app.

More Information:

Genvieve Rosen Biller, with her eye for style and knack for interiors, founded bedding and decor label Bed Threads in February 2017; quickly gaining a reputation for creating elegant yet cozy bed linens at reasonable prices. She launched the brand in 2017 and quickly earned itself a loyal following of customers worldwide.

In addition to linen sheets, the collection also offers sleepwear and home accents like Memory Studio Ceramics. While Rosen-Biller is responsible for creating the brand’s aesthetic, she is supported by a content and marketing team who help her perfect her messaging.

Rosen-Biller started by creating an Instagram account to showcase Bed Threads’ products. She utilized the platform to promote her brand and encourage people to sign up for its email newsletter.

This strategy proved successful, so she began incorporating the brand’s Instagram account into its website. This helped drive new visitors to a landing page where they could sign up for the email newsletter and take advantage of free trial offers or discount codes.

Rosen-Biller decided to keep her communications straightforward, emphasizing the benefits of her products. “It was essential that our message was concise and to the point, without any unnecessary product details or confusing labels,” she explains.

Bed Threads’ flagship product is its Bedding Set, which includes a duvet cover, two pillowcases and fitted sheet at an affordable price point. Available in 22 colors and sizes with optional extras like quilt covers for additional cost, Bed Threads also offers other items like bath towels, robes and slips as well.