Flower pots enliven the atmosphere and add to the charming personality of this place. The integrated kitchen units in black provide an interesting contrast with the white walls.
person holding white and brown food for cash back

The burrito is a classic dish that people around the world know and love. The customization possibilities are endless: your favorite meat (or veggies), salsa, cheese, guacamole, and more are all wrapped up perfectly in a convenient, easy to handle tortilla. It’s literally a balanced meal rolled up — super delicious and great for dining on the go!

Chipotle is a prime example of customizable cuisine. Their wide variety of choices for burrito toppings make it easy for anyone to create a burrito they love. Their ingredients are all fresh, healthy, and sustainably sourced whenever possible, making it even easier to enjoy your favorite burrito guilt-free. Their menu also includes bowls, tacos, and more, giving everyone the chance to eat what they love!

How To Get Cash Back for Spending at Chipotle with Slide

Save on your next Chipotle run by earning cash back on your purchase. Chipotle is partnered with Slide, making saving a super easy task! Just download the Slide app, add your payment details, and present your barcode at the pickup counter (or your serial number for online ordering). You’ll get your 4% back instantly — 5% if you pre-load your Slide balance before you place your order!