Discover Cash Back With a Rotating Cash Back Calendar

Credit card issuers offer various rewards programs, but one program that is increasingly popular among cardholders is the rotating cash back calendar. A rotating cash back calendar shows cardholders which categories they can earn enhanced rewards in, up to an annual spending limit. It can help consumers meet financial goals or reward point milestones more efficiently while still having access to additional savings opportunities. However, understanding how a rotating cash back calendar works will enable you to take full advantage of it.

Discover is a premier cash back card that provides cardholders with an annual 5% cashback calendar with flexible categories that enable them to earn increased rewards. Discover’s quarterly updates provide cardholders the ability to maximize their rewards.

2023’s first three months are tailored to rewarding New Year’s resolutions to refresh health and fitness routines, while the second three months encourage summer vacations or “getting-ready-for-summer” purchases. Cardholders looking to earn greater rewards during these periods may want to:

First step to earning rewards with bonus categories is using an appropriate credit card. Cardholders can earn 5% cashback when paying via contactless payment – such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Wallet or Garmin Pay – in qualifying spending in bonus categories. Furthermore, cardholders can save even more cashback by purchasing gift cards to merchants selling those products prior to entering the bonus period and redeeming them during it in order to achieve increased rewards.