Cash Back at DoorDash

brown cash wooden back door with red and yellow neon sign

Our world is becoming easier to navigate by the day, especially considering the modern conveniences we’ve all come to know and love. One of these is the ability to have food delivered to our front doors at a moment’s notice, and while this concept isn’t exactly new, it’s definitely been upgraded to the highest level of convenience possible.

DoorDash is a great example of delivery on demand. They can bring you anything you need within your service area, from take-out to groceries, and even convenience store items. They make it as easy as a few clicks to bring your favorites to your door in minutes, giving people everywhere extra time in their day that they would usually spend on shopping.

Get Cash Back at DoorDash Using Slide

To make things even sweeter for DoorDash customers, you can now use Slide to get 4% cash back on your purchases! Just download the app, add your payment details, and enter your serial number at check out. Want to save even more? Pre-load your balance and Slide will give you an extra 1% back on your purchases!