Drop Cash Back App Review

With holiday season fast approaching (as it seems to do every year), shoppers everywhere are looking for ways to save, earn, and purchase in easy and efficient ways. With the economy the way it is, who can blame them? Smart spending and saving are quickly becoming the new normal, with apps popping up everywhere to help consumers get the most bang for their buck.

Drop is one of these awesome apps, and it’s gaining quite the following. Users in the US and Canada are loving this smart little app for all the benefits it provides, its ease of use, and the best part of all: the rewards they’re earning! Read on to learn more about the Drop app, how it works, and what it can do for you:

What is Drop Cash Back?

These days, everyone is looking for more ways to earn. The gig economy has skyrocketed, and so has the use of helpful apps that save you money, earn you rewards, and provide cash back on your purchases. Drop is one of these, and there are over 5 million users who are very happy with its performance.

In a nutshell, Drop is a cashback app. Similar to those such as Slide cash back, Ibotta, Rakuten and others, it essentially rewards you with points as you shop. By simply purchasing through the app, you can earn redeemable points that can be used as cash in the form of gift cards, cryptocurrency, donations to charity, or entries into contests (where you can win even more cash).

What Does Drop Offer?

It would take less time to tell you what Drop doesn’t offer! This app has so many perks it’s easy to see why so many people use (and love) it every day. To start with, there’s the cash back rewards. Over 500 retailers are partnered with Drop, so the chances of your go-to stores being available are very high. You receive cash back points on every purchase you make through the Drop app.

Next, there’s the premium benefits. Drop gives you 1,000 points per month for simply linking your debit card, and that’s on top of the points you earn through purchases, games, and surveys. Then there’s the choice factor: you get to choose how you redeem your points. Choose gift cards, crypto, charity donations, or contest entries. It’s so easy to love Drop! 

Ways to Earn Cash Back with Drop

There are a few ways to go about earning points on Drop. You can shop your favorite retailers through the app, which is the most obvious choice. These include categories such as beauty, apparel, groceries and dining, travel, and entertainment. There are so many ways to earn points, and through shopping at retailers you already use!

You can also play games including the weekly “Drop Spin” game, fill out surveys, unlock Drop Premium for extra monthly points, do your shopping during limited-time point boosts (when rewards are higher in points), and the list goes on. This app has so many ways to earn rewards, you’ll have to be careful not to spend all your free time here!

How to Get Started

Getting started with Drop couldn’t be easier. Simply download the Drop app on Google Play or the App Store and create your new account. You’ll be asked a few questions about yourself, provide your email address, and create a strong password (which helps Drop to keep your data extra secure). You’ll then decide whether you want to unlock Drop Premium, which will require signing in through your bank account — but the benefits are so worth the effort!

Next, you get to start earning points immediately! Do some shopping, play a few games, fill out a survey or two, or all of the above. With all the ways to earn on Drop, this might take a little while, but it’s well worth your time! When it’s time for you to redeem the points you’ve earned, just select the option you want, and rake in those sweet, sweet rewards!

The Takeaway

Shopping for things like clothes, beauty products, groceries and more doesn’t have to be as one-size-fits-all as it used to. With all the available options consumers have these days, saving money and earning rewards is becoming the new way to shop, and fast! Apps like Drop work to help you save as much of your hard-earned cash as possible, so you get to enjoy some of it for yourself.

The Drop app is easy, fun, and helps you hold onto your money by providing multiple ways to earn. Use it to boost your income, earn some spending money, or donate to your favorite charity — the choice is yours! Whichever way you choose to redeem your points, you’ll surely love the Drop app and all its perks, just like its 5 million users already do!