Earn Cash Back at 100% PURE

Earn Cash Back at 100 PURE

Earn Cash Back at 100% PURE

Are you searching for ways to save money, the most efficient way is by shopping on cash-back sites or apps. These platforms and applications have partnerships with thousands of retailers that will pay you cash back for purchases made.

Some even provide rewards in other categories, like gas stations and grocery stores. Others, like Rakuten, allow users to utilize a browser extension to automatically earn cash back at certain websites when they make an eligible purchase.

Credit card issuers use four-digit merchant category codes to determine which types of spending qualify for a specific percentage cash back reward. You should search out cards that correspond with your purchasing habits and activate bonus categories each quarter in order to maximize your earning potential.

Another type of cash-back card is a straightforward one, usually offering an even percentage on all purchases. Some even come with sign-up bonuses for spending a specific amount in the initial months.

For instance, if you sign up for the Chase Freedom Flex(sm) and spend $3,000 in its first 6 months, then you will receive $250 in statement credits – enough to cover the annual fee for one year.

Some offer a tiered rewards system, which offers 5% on purchases in certain categories each quarter, such as restaurants and gas stations. These bonuses can be an excellent way to increase your overall earnings; just be sure to activate the 5% categories each quarter or you could miss out on hundreds of dollars worth of savings!