Earn Cash Back at 4ocean

Created in Boca Raton, Florida by Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper – two surfers/environmentalists/entrepreneurs – 4ocean has made its mark by selling bracelets that serve to raise awareness about ocean trash problems through symbolic wearables that make a profit while funding removal of one pound of plastic from our oceans and coastlines.

The co-founders grew up in landlocked Orlando, FL; however, frequent beach trips fueled their passion for surfing. After graduating from FAU they both pursued this interest by working as deckhands for private yachts, charter boat captains and Sea Tow captains before becoming surf instructors themselves.

On their post college trip to Bali, Indonesia they got a dose of reality about the extent of ocean trash problems around the world. Beaches were littered with garbage while fishermen struggled to pull their boats through mounds of plastic waste that threatened both marine life and local residents’ livelihood.

Once back home, they established 4ocean to address the global ocean crisis with innovative business models combining ocean cleanup with advocacy, education and changing consumption habits on land. Since its creation, 4ocean has expanded rapidly with 180 employees around the globe who use six trash collecting vessels and boom collection systems at large river mouths to limit pollution before it enters our waters.