Earn Cash Back at Acid League

Earn Cash Back at Acid League

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Acid League stands as a pioneer of acid-driven food and beverages, creating unparalleled acid-driven living vinegars, limited edition shrubs, vinaigrettes, jams and sauces from pantry staples. Their team includes food scientists, serial entrepreneurs and wine & sake experts; together, these experts allow them to turn any ingredient into fermented vinegar with unique flavor profiles across categories; producing products which combine flavor, health and creativity – creating something truly innovative!

Established in 2021, acid league now sells more than 110 SKUs through direct-to-consumer and retail channels such as Whole Foods, Loblaws & its banners, Metro store in Quebec, Albertsons as well as over 300 independent and smaller chains. To meet demand, acid league launched a manufacturing operation this winter in Guelph: this 40,000 square-foot facility allows it to increase output, accelerate delivery times as well as add QA/safety & operations personnel personnel to increase output further and speed up delivery time even further.

This facility also helps acid league reduce costs. No longer will they rely on co-packers for production, which could increase prices of their products. Furthermore, the company hopes that they can ramp up production more rapidly to respond more rapidly to retailer requests for more products.

Malson Hot Sauce was the inaugural product to emerge from this facility and features seeds and flowers from caraway, coriander and fennel combined with sweet carrot, parsley and lemon peel kombucha for depth and complexity. Sherry vinegar garlic onion barley koji complete this balance in flavors to produce its unique and vibrant profile.