Earn Cash Back at AeroGarden

Earn Cash Back at AeroGarden

Finding the appropriate AeroGarden model for your budget and needs depends heavily on both. With many models to choose from, we’ve put together a quick-and-easy comparison chart as well as an in-depth buyers guide that can help you select your perfect match.

AeroGardens use an alternative form of hydroponics called aeroponics to deliver water and nutrients directly to each seed pod’s seeds and roots, unlike traditional gardening. They consist of a water tank at their core with an upper section known as the “grow deck”, featuring an LED plant light which can be raised or lowered depending on plant height requirements.

To maintain a clean grow deck and maximize its potential, AeroGarden displays will remind you when it is time to add plant food.

AeroGardens can be an incredible way to add fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit into their diet throughout the year. Some even use them to start seeds for their outdoor garden or simply as decorative plants in their home – thanks to not requiring natural light, you can place your AeroGarden anywhere it fits best into your lifestyle – countertop versions make great additions in the kitchen while larger models like the Farm 12 can live comfortably on a table or shelf.