Earn Cash Back at American Giant

Earn Cash Back at American Giant

Earn Cash Back at American Giant and take advantage of exclusive coupons and promotions!

American Giant was established by Bayard Winthrop in 2012 with one clear mission in mind: producing everything, from cotton thread to zippers, in the United States. While most fashion brands rely on overseas factories for production purposes, American Giant makes all its garments from start to finish right here in California and other US cities – mentoring other businesses along the way by connecting them to its network of local suppliers and factories to enable similar endeavors.

American Giant’s clothing does not get marked up multiple times over its lifespan in order to cover costs for retailers, brands and various buyers; rather it sells directly to consumers online in order to eliminate middlemen and produce better products at more reasonable prices – although Blackstone says that even with all local labor available it takes twice as long to produce one hoodie than at an overseas factory.

Quality matters too: “American Giant may not be for you if you prefer form-fitting jackets and dresses, as its hoodies tend to fit looser and boxier than most; their baggier fit varies with each size ordered.”

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