Earn Cash Back at AmorePacific

Earn Cash Back at AMOREPACIFIC


AmorePacific is a South Korean beauty and cosmetics chaebol that boasts over 30 beauty, personal care and health brands under their umbrella. Renowned for innovative products that combine nature and science into unique solutions such as green tea to red ginseng extract, they specialize in developing natural, high-performing ingredients to produce effective products that offer cash back rewards!

AmorePacific believes beauty lies within nature, so their focus is to produce high-performing skincare products using Asian botanicals and ingredients as key sources for nourishment on an in-depth level. Products developed at AmorePacific feature green tea, bamboo sap and red ginseng as their key components to create proprietary complexes for deeper skin nourishment.

Furthermore, the company has made a commitment to innovation. Their aim is to become “Asian Beauty Creator”, so they work tirelessly on developing new products like POREfessional’s pore-reduction product to help women look younger by diminishing facial pores and wrinkles.

The company strives to have a positive effect on society as well. In 2010, they initiated the Beautiful Fair Trade program, aiming at providing sustainable raw material supplies while supporting local communities and agricultural associations. Working alongside towns, villages and agricultural associations they source ingredients like nutmeg, bamboos, lotus seeds and ginseng from farmers who do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in farming practices that allows the company to ensure high quality standards while simultaneously helping the environment.