Earn Cash Back at Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com is the world’s premier for-profit genealogy company, operating a network of genealogical and historical records websites from Utah. Their most basic Ancestry DNA kit costs just $95, enabling you to discover your family tree without even leaving your living room; while for $199 more they also provide their AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Package which unlocks personal traits to give a deeper insight into who you are as an individual. One of our top Ancestry deals!

Ancestry offers an expansive collection of historical records, from censuses and immigration to vital records such as births, marriages and deaths; military service records; local history; and family trees contributed by its users – giving you access to millions of fellow members making discoveries together on this platform.

After you create a family tree and fill in as much information that is known to you (or can be reasonably speculated upon), Ancestry may provide “hints” regarding historical documents that it has found that may connect to it. These “hints” do not guarantee correct information but could prove useful.

Some historical collections, like Brady Civil War photos and the War of 1812 Pension Index require paid membership in order to view images; other records, like U.S. passenger list and enumeration district records can be browsed freely without automatic loading. Before investing in these collections with paid subscriptions, make sure that your investment will provide value by using tools like Card Catalog to find additional records that may be seen for free viewing.