Earn Cash Back at Anker

Earn Cash Back at Anker

Earn Cash Back at Anker

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Anker Coupons and Cash Back Rewards

Since 2011, Anker has offered Evreward members exclusive coupons and cash back rebates on the company’s latest power products, such as mobile chargers, charging cables and portable power banks. Plus they provide various freebies like samples of their items or free shipping on select orders.

Anker’s latest line of multi-port adapters and chargers introduces GaNPrime, an innovative technology that makes them smarter, faster and more efficient than ever before. Combining Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology with Anker’s PowerIQ (Gen 4.0) technology, GaNPrime automatically detects and adjusts power distribution across multiple devices while cutting overall charging time by up to an hour.

Anker’s flagship 747 series has just added the 150W model, featuring GaNPrime technology and PowerIQ 4.0 technology which intelligently determines how much power each device needs and adjusts the voltage output accordingly, for optimal charging performance for each.

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