Earn Cash Back at Bakerly

Cashback at bakerly is a system for returning a portion of a customer’s purchase price back as cash, much like coupons do; but unlike coupons it actually represents real cash that can be withdrawn or used towards future purchases. Based on promotional deals between third-party sites and bakerly, this can be quite lucrative for customers.

Customers must activate and register their card on a cashback website in order to collect their rebates. Selecting an effective provider is key; finding one with short wait times and competitive cashback rates should make finding one much simpler – in less than 24 hours the rebate should arrive in your account!

Discover Card members can earn up to 3% cash back on purchases totalling up to $2,500 made each quarter in combined choice category, grocery store and wholesale club purchases – with unlimited 1% cash back earned on all other purchases! For more information and an application process visit discovercardonline.com and apply for one today.

Bakerly, known for its crepes and French brioches, is planning a large commercial bakery on San Antonio’s Southside. The 35 million-square foot facility would be built at Research Plaza near Brooks – marking their second stateside production plant. Bakerly was founded by Julien and Fabian from Northwestern France who wanted to spread their passion of traditional French pastries across households across America.