Earn Cash Back at Bala Bangles

Earn Cash Back at Bala Bangles

Earn Cash Back at Bala Bangles

Are you in search of stylish workout gear that won’t break your budget? Look no further than Bala Bangles. Founded by Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz in 2018, this brand provides stylish fitness accessories designed to add grace and ease to workouts.

Weighted bracelets, bars, sliders and power rings from this company come in an array of colors and materials and are available for purchase in the US. These one-size-fits all accessories can be used for any type of workout including yoga, aerobics, pilates, strength training and core training – the possibilities are endless!

Bala stands out from other brands by using stainless steel instead of sand to create consistent weight throughout their bracelet, perfect for adding resistance and stimulating muscles while exercising.

These wrist and ankle weights are also breathable, meaning you won’t experience itching or discomfort during your workout. This is a huge improvement over other wrist and ankle weights which often itch, slip, and slide during use.

Another huge advantage is their ease of cleaning, saving you time and energy from having to scrub them clean after each use. All that needs is a damp towel and then placing them back into their black carrying case for storage.

Recently, Bala Bangles introduced a discount of 20% off purchases of $100 or more at checkout – an unbeatable deal considering a single set costs $55. If you’re thinking about buying some products for yourself or as gifts, now is an excellent chance to get them at lower prices than usual.