Earn Cash Back at Baxter Blue

Earn Cash Back at Baxter Blue

At Australian glasses maker Baxter Blue, their team had one goal in mind: creating stylish yet comfortable eyewear that helps combat digital eye strain and blue light exposure while remaining stylish. They’ve achieved this vision and now provide a selection of styles that both look good and feel amazing!

Baxter Blue lenses feature their patented Blue+ technology embedded directly in each lens to filter out blue light, filtering up to 80% of high energy wavelengths known to cause digital eye strain and featuring anti-reflective and super hydrophobic coatings for reduced glare and reduced smudges.

All Baxter Blue specs are produced with sustainability at the forefront. Their specs use bio-acetate and plant-based materials that help save our forests, and their compostable cellulose frames can even be composted as easily as a Starbucks cup! Plus, through their partnership with RestoringVision they donate one pair for every pair sold!

Make every Baxter Blue purchase even more satisfying by earning money back through Yazing, a third-party cashback service which pays out earned cashback as soon as the store pays their portion of payment from Baxter Blue. So you can shop with confidence knowing you are getting maximum value for your dollar!