Earn Cash Back at Booking.com

Earn Cash Back at Bookingcom

Earn Cash Back at Booking.com

Booking travel, hotels and vacation packages through various travel portals is an excellent way to save money when you book online – plus they often provide additional rewards in addition to their standard rewards. Booking through these platforms can be especially lucrative since many offer additional savings beyond what customers typically receive when making a booking.

Vivid Services: Earn Cashback on Accommodation and Car Rentals

In addition to hotel and flight bookings, the Vivid app also provides car rental. When you use it to rent a vehicle, you’ll earn between 2%-4% cash back – that adds up quickly!

Vivid makes booking services a breeze with their app. All you have to do is tap “Rewards” in the main section, select your desired service type, and pay with your Vivid card. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you’re uncertain which booking site to use for a certain service, several websites can alert you when your account is eligible to earn cash back. For instance, Rakuten will send you either a check or PayPal payment once every quarter if there is at least $5 in your account.

RebatesMe: Be notified when a booking page qualifies for cashback

With RebatesMe’s browser extension/toolbar, you’ll get alerted and the code applied automatically during checkout. Not only that, but its user-friendly platform also rewards you with extra rewards when referring friends!

TopCashBack: Receive 10% Cash Back on IHG Hotel Stays

Are you a fan of IHG hotels, then it’s worth exploring getting cash back through TopCashBack. The deal may not be as great as earlier this month (8%), but still provides an impressive rebate when booking your accommodation through them.