Earn Cash Back at Brandless

Earn Cash Back at Brandless

Brandless offers a great selection of items priced at just $3, making it the perfect place to pick up everyday necessities like non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, personal care products and office supplies. All items are available online!

Brandless offers many benefits for customers: its products don’t carry a “brand tax,” and its prices are competitive with those of top brands in every category. That makes Brandless an attractive option for shoppers who prioritize environmental, health and quality over price.

Brandless also offers products free from animal testing, an important benefit for those concerned about animal welfare. But what really sets Brandless apart is its focus on community, e-commerce and consumer goods.

The company emerged out of an e-commerce trend that was taking hold in the early 2000s, when millennials began purchasing products with no labels. The idea was to blur the line between brands and generics, giving a product an elevated look and feel without paying for brand taxes.

However, this strategy proved unsuccessful for the company as it struggled to keep up with shipping expenses and was forced to reduce inventory in an effort to become profitable.

In February, the company closed its doors after having lost more than $30 million in venture capital. Founders Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler stated they had no plans to return but were actively searching for a new owner.

Treft, a Utah-based digital marketing executive with experience operating e-commerce warehouses, took over the brand. He restructured the business model to reduce shipping costs by about one-third and set up an affordable new warehouse that charges fractions of what Brandless had been paying before. Now they offer a limited range of wellness and household products like smoothie blends, essential oils and organic lotions and creams at discounted prices.