Earn Cash Back at Calendars.com

Earn Cash Back at Calendarscom

Earn Cash Back with Calendars.com

At Discover, the 5% cash back calendar provides cardholders with a rotating list of bonus categories they can activate quarterly to earn 5% back on eligible spending. It’s an invaluable tool for cardholders to maximize their rewards and benefits.

How to Take Advantage of It

In order to earn 5% cash back each quarter, cardholders must activate bonus category categories online or through the Discover app. You may set up email alerts so you don’t forget to activate during that timeframe.

Maximize Your Purchases

You could try timing your purchases according to bonus categories that are active. When groceries are bonused, for instance, it might make sense to stock up on essential items for the month such as canned goods or paper products.

For other quarters, you might have to think outside the box in order to maximize your bonus. Consider other ways of shopping that fall under bonus categories, such as purchasing gift cards to restaurants or retail stores you frequently patronize.

When to Activate It

In order to earn 5% cash back on qualifying spending each quarter, you must activate the bonus categories before making any purchases. You can do this either through the Discover app, website or calling customer service for assistance.

Chase releases its rotating calendar at the end of every year, while Discover releases a cash back calendar every quarter. This gives cardholders plenty of time to plan their spending months ahead. However, keep in mind that only the first $1,500 spent in bonus category spending per quarter qualifies for the 5% cash back rate; this maximum is reset each quarter so make sure you activate these bonus categories before investing a substantial amount into them.