Earn Cash Back at Champion Credit Union

Earn Cash Back at Champion

Champion Credit Union is delighted to provide its members with an array of cash back rewards designed to meet various needs – whether that means saving on everyday purchases or earning interest on funds in your checking account, we have something that’s ideal.

How much you can earn with any app depends on which one you choose, with some offering a flat rate for all qualifying purchases and others focusing on specific categories where you spend most. Ibotta, SavingStar and Swagbucks are popular examples.

Ibotta offers many retailers, such as popular grocery stores. Additionally, you can link your loyalty card and scan items for bonus earnings; redeem these earnings when reaching a minimum redemption amount (usually $20).

SavingStar is another receipt-scanning app tailored specifically towards groceries. Featuring over 100 top retailers and offering an incentive of $5 when linked with PayPal or Amazon accounts, this app can be found both for iOS and Android devices.

GameChampions is an elegantly-designed platform that helps gamers monetize their passion and earn real-life rewards for doing what they love – gaming! Earning options range from streaming esports tournaments and participating in them to completing various tasks and tasks of different sorts – making the app user-friendly enough for those searching for extra income or side hustle opportunities.