Earn Cash Back at Chegg

Earn Cash Back at Chegg

Chegg offers textbook rentals (physical and digital), homework help, tutoring, scholarships and internship matching at affordable prices – and when you use mycashbacks to make purchases you’ll earn Cash Back for all of your educational needs! With Chegg you won’t just save on textbooks but also on tutoring services, scholarships and scholarship matching too! Plus with MyCashbacks you can earn rewards on top of that!

Textbook Rentals

Renting textbooks instead of buying them is an increasingly popular way to save money on textbooks. You can choose from a wide selection of titles and pay on a flexible three-month rental schedule. Plus, you have the freedom to cancel at any time as long as the book is returned within 21 days after ordering it. This method also works great for businesses that need extra storage space during peak usage periods.

Expert Q&A

Do you have questions about a particular subject? Post them to the Expert Q&A section of the site and receive an answer from an in-house tutor within 46 minutes. With such fast turnaround times, you’re sure to get your questions answered promptly.

Become a Chegg Tutor

Are tutoring is your passion, then becoming one can be as affordable as $10 per session with them. Not only will this earn you extra cash, but it also builds an expertise in your subject area which could lead to more clients in the future.

Managed Network Experts

Are you an expert in your subject area? Consider becoming an MNE for Chegg, a service that matches students with knowledgeable experts who can offer step-by-step solutions to their queries. To become an MNE, you’ll need to pass a background check and test as well as sign a contract with the company.