Earn Cash Back at ChiliSleep

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ChiliSleep was founded by Todd and Tara Youngblood of California in 2012. Their company specializes in sleep tech products such as temperature-controlled cooling pads to aid sleep quality for customers, with several of their products having garnered significant acclaim on social media and in various publications such as GQ, BuzzFeed and Men’s Health.

OOLER Sleep Systems’ flagship product is its mattress topper featuring water channels to both cool and warm the bed, in conjunction with the OOLER app that allows users to schedule daily pre-cool or pre-heat cycles before sleeping. In addition, it includes a warm wake feature which replaces alarm clocks by offering more natural and stress-free ways of starting each day.

Customers who purchase the OOLER Sleep System may return it within 30 days if they are dissatisfied with their experience. Additionally, the OOLER app tracks and alerts users when refilling or changing filters is due – free shipping in the continental US ensures it arrives usually between 3-7 business days.