Earn Cash Back at Citrus.com

Earn Cash Back at citruscom

Earn Cash Back at citrus.com

When shopping online, there are several ways to be rewarded; one standout being an app that pays you in cash! Depending on which platform you select, this may take the form of cash or a coupon which can be used towards purchasing other items online; alternatively, it could even come as a physical check mailed directly to your door.

The Biggest Winners

In addition to cash rewards, you’ll gain some fun and useful perks such as an account-specific email address for sending receipts. What’s even cooler is that you can sign up for free with either Facebook or Google accounts so managing payments is a breeze! Furthermore, with this app, you’ll earn money from purchases at many of your favorite retailers through its affiliate program!

Most of the apps mentioned here have a mobile app and most offer both iPhone and Android compatibilities for those on-the-go. Rakuten stands out as it allows you to link multiple credit cards and track all your shopping activity in one place. Plus, their user interfaces are among the best in the business – not to mention they boast some impressive customer service teams as well.