Earn Cash Back at Colgate

Earn Cash Back at Colgate

At Colgate, you can get the education of a prestigious Ivy League institution and the athletics of a Big 10 college. The smaller size allows students to interact with professors and make connections on a personal level that they cannot at larger universities.

The community is something you will not soon forget. Whether you are on campus or in the town of Hamilton, everyone will know your name and will be there for you. The professors will also be willing to take the time to help you with your studies and if they think your work is good enough, they will recommend you.

It is a small college and you will probably feel like a little secluded at times, but once you have a few friends you will be amazed by the social scene. There are bars, fraternity parties, restaurants and tons of places to hang out.

You can also join different clubs such as student government, a cappella groups, choirs, dance and theater groups. There are a variety of outdoor activities as well, such as hiking and camping.

There is a strong Greek culture on campus, with nearly half of sophomores, juniors and seniors involved in the fraternities. There are also a number of religious, service and special interest clubs available for all students to join.

The college is a safe and lovely place to be, with plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding area. It is also a great place to make lasting friendships and enjoy your undergraduate experience.