Earn Cash Back at Cotton On

Earn Cash Back at Cotton On

Cotton On is one of the largest global retailers of clothing and stationery. Operating over 1400 stores in 18 countries worldwide, they plan on opening 600 more within five years. Earn Cash Back when Shopping Cotton On

Fast fashion products typically fall between $1-$149 in price range. Fast fashion depends on what’s trendy, mass production using cheap labor from third world countries and speed of consumption and production; all this has an enormous environmental footprint; often using toxic chemicals in manufacturing processes which harm workers and communities.

Fast fashion industry waste dumps are filling up with textile waste that contains toxic chemicals released into air, soil and water, so purchasing clothing made ethically by sustainable brands like those certified as B Corp is of utmost importance for environmental impact.

Unlock a 10% Discount with Cotton On Perks

Signing up for their free loyalty program Perks allows you to easily earn $10 in store credit at Cotton On. Plus, there’s the added perk of having access to money-off vouchers and member-only specials!

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