Earn Cash Back at Crane Credit Union

Earn Cash Back at Crane

Since the turn of the 20th century, credit unions have been known for their friendly customer service and straightforward financial products. Today, Crane Credit Union continues this legacy in Indiana.

The credit union offers a variety of traditional banking services, such as savings accounts and checking accounts with no minimum balance requirements, auto loans, home mortgages and personal loans. But its primary focus is providing financial literacy programs to members and connecting the community through social media initiatives.

Cash back rewards are available on a wide range of purchases, from groceries and gas to apparel and electronics. Your discounts can be redeemed for gift cards or transferred into your savings account.

Cash-back shopping apps offer a convenient way to save money on everyday purchases. Apps like Payce, Ibotta and Rakuten give users an added bonus when they make a purchase.

These offers require minimal effort on your part – just a few taps on your phone. After activating the offer, you’ll receive money in your bank or PayPal account within a few weeks.

Krystal Nelson, a Gainesville, Florida administrative assistant, uses cash-back shopping apps to save time and cut down on distractions when making purchases. Additionally, she utilizes a cash-back credit card for maximum savings potential.

Though some cash-back shopping sites may not always offer the highest rates, you can easily compare them to find the one that meets your needs. Alternatively, you could always use your existing credit card for earning rewards if that works better with your lifestyle.