Earn Cash Back at Custom Ink

Earn Cash Back at Custom Ink

Established in 1999, Custom Ink is a Fairfax, Virginia-based company that sells apparel through its online store and 35+ physical locations nationwide. They specialize in custom, on-demand clothing and accessories. Plus, the company provides customers with free design lab access to create their own logos or upload graphics and apply them onto t-shirts.

Custom Ink has a mission to bring people together, elevate occasions and foster community building through custom branded apparel. With over two decades of experience creating these garments for customers, their team members are driven by three core values: The Golden Rule, Ownership and Innovation.

Custom Ink holds an annual “Inkademy Awards” ceremony to recognize employees who best embody these core values in their work. Whether at their office or while out and about, all employees are encouraged to reflect upon these core principles and act accordingly.

Maintaining Employee Alignment

The company’s welcoming work culture is a major attraction for top talent. That is why the business is actively searching for individuals with an affinity for its mission and dedication to its core values.

Unlocking Omnichannel Marketing with Klaviyo

Custom Ink needed a platform that would link their email, social, and event marketing initiatives together in an integrated manner. That is where Klaviyo came into play – giving the retailer the ability to A/B test creative concepts and flow structures at scale.