Earn Cash Back at Dashlane on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Earn Cash Back at Dashlane

Dashlane Premium can help you make significant savings this Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering unparalleled features, such as unbreakable passwords and Dark Web monitoring. At an irresistibly reduced price point, Dashlane is especially tempting. This year especially so.

If you are uncertain if our subscription service is right for you, users are offered a 30-day free trial period. Family, Advanced and Premium plans all offer 30-day money back guarantees; Business plans do not, though customer support can still be reached by phone during normal business hours, chat and social media channels.

Password management features include Autofill, which allows you to automatically fill in usernames and passwords on websites, and Password Generator, which creates passwords that cybercriminals cannot break into. In addition, Secure Note allows you to store personal information like credit card numbers or address details, while Password Sharing lets you share access with family and friends.

Dashlane puts your data’s security first with its US patented zero-knowledge architecture and true secure vault – no servers store or access passwords – as well as two-factor authentication, password health checks and an easy password generation service that works with most major 2FA authenticator apps.