Earn Cash Back at Deltran Battery Tender

Earn Cash Back with Deltran Battery Tender

Keep your batteries charged and ready for use with a battery charger from Deltran – an industry leader in automotive technology. Their trickle chargers, commonly referred to as “battery maintainers,” are perfect for people who don’t frequently crank their vehicles as well as classic car owners and collectors.

Battery Tender Plus Charger

The Deltran Battery Tender Plus is a 12V 1.25A charger designed to charge and maintain various lead acid batteries, such as Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM), sealed maintenance free, flooded and deep cycle models. It also features temperature compensated float mode which delivers optimal charging voltage according to ambient temperature in just the right amount of time.

Battery Tender Junior

The Battery Tender Junior is a lightweight, compact charger for motorcycles and power sports equipment as well as lawn and garden tools. It automatically charges your batteries and switches into maintenance mode to prevent overcharging them.

Deltran Battery Tender offers a selection of battery chargers to accommodate 8V and 12 V systems as well as different amperage ratings. Furthermore, their quick disconnect ring terminal leads make it simple to reach even hard-to-reach batteries.

With so many charger options to choose from, finding the ideal Deltran Battery Tender for your vehicle is simple. Plus, sign up for RebateKey and get 4% cash back on all purchases – click here to start saving today!