Earn Cash Back at Deltran Battery Tender

Earn Cash Back at Deltran Battery Tender

Earn Cash Back with Deltran Battery Tender

Anyone who’s ever stored their motorcycle, classic car or powersport vehicle understands the frustration of returning later to find that its battery has died. A battery tender, also known as a float charger or maintenance charger can keep your battery charged in storage to help avoid long periods of non-use that could otherwise lead to permanent damage of its cells.

Since 1965, Deltran has been manufacturing these devices in the US. What sets their devices apart is their advanced processor control which enables it to refrain from charging faulty batteries; employ spark free technology for safety; and feature easy-to-read green and red indicators so users can see exactly what is happening quickly and clearly.

Deltran offers an expansive selection of Battery Tender products designed to accommodate various applications from cars and motorcycles to golf carts and lawnmowers – even those in hard to reach spots! A special Junior version can even help.

All Battery Tenders feature a four stage charge process – initialization, Bulk Charge and Absorption mode before moving into Float mode to keep your batteries charged while stored. They have been approved by both UL and CE standards to ensure their safety, while still remaining lightweight, compact, and portable.