Earn Cash Back at Dr Martens

Earn Cash Back at Dr Martens

Earn Cash Back at Dr. Martens

Since its establishment in 1945, Dr. Martens has become an iconic brand in both workwear and fashion, selling at hundreds of stockists globally with brick-and-mortar stores all around the globe. Best known for their industrial work boots featuring steel toes and special sole units; its range is equally beloved among streetwear enthusiasts as it has collaborated with Yohji Yamamoto, Nepenthes and Supreme among many others.

Klaus Maertens and Herbert Funk, military veterans themselves, established this company in 1945 after Maertens sustained an injury skiing. Following this setback, Maertens set about creating a shoe with greater support than standard-issue army boots available at that time; working closely with a cobbler he designed one featuring an air cushioned sole and using leftover military rubber from past projects as raw materials for production.

In the UK, sales of the 1460 model created an indie street trend of girls purchasing and customizing them with floral patterns. US hardcore musicians touring Britain brought pairs back home and introduced them into American subcultures; rising Britpop popularity saw even younger British kids adopting them while grunge and early emo music cemented DMs’ reputation for durability.

Shop Dr. Martens boots or shoes on sale and save up to 40% when shopping their online sale section. Styles available may include last season’s fashion or newly discontinued looks – with free shipping included often as part of this discount offer! Coupon or promo code discounts may further decrease their price, while 30 day returns must be processed on their website prior to taking them back in person for processing by a UPS location with a $7 deduction from your refund amount.