Earn Cash Back at eBooks.com

Earn Cash Back at eBookscom

Are You Looking to Increase Passive Income Through Publishing an Ebook? Writing an ebook is an ideal way to do just that – not only is it quick, cheap and scalable publishing platform that lets authors publish work and earn royalties; getting one to market can also add considerable value to your CV and position you as an authority within a field.

People today are opting to read ebooks over traditional printed books due to their lower production and delivery costs, easy accessibility across devices, and more convenient content consumption options. Ebooks offer readers a way to stay current with current affairs while remaining up-to-date.

BookBub and Kindle Unlimited are among the premier sites for purchasing ebooks online, providing handpicked deals from in-house editors on a range of genres at discounted rates – these discounts are exclusive to subscribers signed up through both services and using their respective apps.

Another option for publishing ebooks is purchasing them through third-party publishers such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Apple Books, which will allow your book to reach more readers while charging a commission per sale.

Paribus provides an innovative new way of earning cash back with online purchases via their apps, by tracking prices of items you have bought online and notifying you if their price drops after purchase. You can then request a refund through Paribus; your money will then be directly deposited back into either your bank account or PayPal.