Earn Cash Back at Eko Health

Eko Health, a medical technology company that develops digital solutions for cardiac disease detection, offers cash back options. Their portfolio of AI enabled stethoscopes (Eko CORE) and patient/provider software helps doctors, nurses, researchers, patients and entire health systems transform care for cardiac conditions. Eko’s headquarters is in Oakland, CA.

Eko Health was established in 2013 and since has been recognized as both a Best Workplace and one of the Fastest Growing Companies. Their hybrid workforce strives to develop solutions that detect early stage disease detection and save lives; at the same time empowering healthcare professionals so that they may provide compassionate yet effective care.

Stethoscopes are essential tools for clinicians in hearing and assessing body sounds of patients – essential in diagnosing and treating many illnesses. Eko’s digital stethoscopes digitize this important data remotely so providers can capture and assess it for greater accuracy when diagnosing heart-related conditions.

Lisa Slater joined Eko Health during a rapid expansion period, and had numerous projects underway that required her to manage finances efficiently and provide an overall view of transactions. Airbase helped Lisa streamline payments while eliminating processing drag allowing her to focus on what mattered at Eko Health.