Earn Cash Back at EM Cosmetics

Earn Cash Back at EM Cosmetics

Michelle Phan is one of the world’s leading beauty influencers. After beginning as a regular YouTuber and posting tutorial vlogs, she decided to become an entrepreneur by launching a makeup line through Ipsy in 2011. Unfortunately, Phan’s original brand failed; however, as part of her relaunch she purchased it back from L’Oreal and was able to regain creative control for product line that truly represented herself and her vision.

Phan’s signature influencer marketing strategy also contributed to EM Cosmetics becoming the success it is today.

EM Cosmetics has found great success leveraging email and SMS campaigns as part of their marketing mix. A notable Yotpo customer, they utilize our Loyalty & Reviews and SMS products to engage their customers directly while still remaining accessible – SMS offers them the ideal medium for this as it allows direct communication without feeling like an advertisement but more like a conversation between two individuals.

If you’re on the search for an amazing deal in EM Cosmetics, take note of their special product bundles on their website. They offer great ways to save on multiple products all at once but be warned – these deals could sell out fast!