Earn Cash Back at Eyeconic

Eyeconic offers cash back when purchasing glasses at their online shop Eyeconic, including frames designed specifically to assist those living with astigmatism or other conditions.

Prices of glasses depend on which frame and lens package is selected, typically starting at just over $100 for everyday glasses to several hundred for more high-end frames and lenses.

Techshield Blue filters out blue light while SunSync darkens lenses to block UV rays from the sun, adding extra features worth around $70-$80 but well worth it for quality and convenience.

VSP, MetLife and Cigna vision insurance policies can all be used at checkout to access discounts applied directly to your order. If one of these applies to you, use it and receive your discount instantly!

This site has an impressive selection of contact lenses from most major brands and accepts most major insurances policies, from disposable lenses and colored lenses to toric contacts for astigmatism and more. There is even an insurance sync service that shows you the true cost of eyewear with your vision insurance benefits applied – an awesome feature if you have vision insurance!