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Credit card cash back programs offer a great way to save money on everyday purchases, but getting the most from them requires careful thought and strategic planning. To maximize rewards, tailor your card or cards’ reward categories according to your spending patterns; and don’t hesitate to take advantage of bonus categories if they suit your lifestyle.

If your food spending involves groceries, choose a card with a fixed cash-back rate like 6% at US supermarkets (then 1%), while frequent travelers might consider one with additional bonuses in airlines or hotels categories.

Consider downloading an app like Dosh or Ibotta that allows you to link your credit or debit cards and earn cash back for purchases at participating restaurants, local businesses and even online stores. Typically, the more frequently these apps are used by their user base, the greater will be their earnings potential.

Before joining any credit card cash back program, make sure you fully understand how it pays out. Options vary between cards but typically can include statement credits, checks or deposits into savings or investment accounts; there may even be discounted travel packages! Keep in mind that some cards may require you to spend at least a minimum amount or time before being eligible to redeem rewards.