Earn Cash Back at Fruit of the Loom

Earn Cash Back at Fruit of the Loom

If you are an established Fruit of the Loom customer, check their top banner on their website for periodic savings codes and major sale events. Also follow them on social media so you are among the first to hear of special offers or new product releases!

Fruit of the Loom was established in Rhode Island during the mid-1800s and is widely recognized for their high-quality cotton textiles and cloth products. Their logo of apples, pears, oranges and grapes has become an internationally-recognized brand symbol; similarly, cloth is considered “fruit” of its loom just like apples are products from trees.

Today, Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s Fruit of the Loom brand boasts global presence as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary. Alongside producing iconic Fruit of the Loom clothing products, they also manufacture under Russell Athletic and Spalding brands and commit themselves to sustainable manufacturing for both human well-being and environmental conservation.

Earning cash back at Fruit of the Loom can be an excellent way to save money when shopping your favorite t-shirts and underwear. Cashback sites provide rebates in form of cash payments which are then deposited directly back into your account once your purchase has been verified by retailer.

This means you can purchase high-quality apparel while helping the environment and supporting a company with strong ethical convictions for planet. They guarantee 100% satisfaction on apparel purchased with them; unwashed merchandise may be returned within 90 days for refund or exchange.