Earn Cash Back at FTD

Earn Cash Back at FTD

Flowers and gifts are the ideal way to show someone that you care. FTD offers floral bouquets, plants and other gift ideas suitable for every special occasion – working closely with local florists ensure your bouquet remains beautiful. Additionally, AARP members can save up to 30% when shopping with FTD; plus coupons can save even more off your purchase!

FTD Rewards provides an incentive program, whereby every dollar spent earns you points toward future purchases. There is no program fee and you are automatically registered – redeem your points for various items including free floral arrangements!

FTD can cause language difficulties, unusual behaviors and social loss in its early and mid stages. Over time, symptoms may include memory issues, swallowing difficulty and balance problems; eventually leading to problems with memory, swallowing and balance issues. Therefore, identifying a healthcare team specialized in FTD such as home care nurses, neuropsychologists or genetic counselors as well as speech/language therapists who specialize in FTD may also be essential in providing needed treatment services as well as physical/occupational therapy treatments may also be required.

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan can provide non-invasive insight into how certain areas of your brain are working, by lying still on a table while the scanner creates images with magnets and radio waves. An MRI may reveal atrophy or shrinkage of specific areas that could indicate FTD.