Earn Cash Back at GameStop

Earn Cash Back at GameStop

GameStop’s product offering centers around video games, gaming consoles and related accessories. Their portfolio consists of pre-owned and new hardware from major console and PC manufacturers as well as accessories, virtual reality products and memory cards; additionally they sell collectibles trading cards and board games that appeal to fans of popular culture and gaming alike.

GameStop was established in Dallas, Texas in 1984 and today operates more than 2,600 stores globally with over 40,000 employees globally. While originally selling pre-owned computer and video game products, they now sell new and pre-owned gaming systems as well as mobile phones and tablets along with other electronics products from Sprint and Apple – such as smartphones, personal computers, tablets, entertainment content, software applications and services – across their full product lines.

Becoming a PowerUp Rewards Pro member of GameStop can help maximize the value of your purchases, as this free membership lets you accumulate points with purchases as well as receiving birthday and exclusive offers. In addition, points earned can be redeemed for gift certificates to use toward future purchases at GameStop.

Keep in mind that GameStop’s trade-in values may fluctuate daily depending on demand for its products in its stores; this is particularly evident during holiday shopping seasons when demand may skyrocket as people look for gifts for family and friends.