Earn Cash Back at Ghost Democracy

Ghost Democracy is an exceptional and clean skincare brand with an aim of democratizing clean beauty for an affordable price. Their goal is to democratize clean skincare by providing higher ingredient concentrations at an accessible cost; their focus lies on quality formulas instead of marketing, so that savings are passed directly on to you! They use no toxic or chemical ingredients (beyond sulfates, parabens & silicones); formulation is non-toxic without essential oils, fragrance or drying alcohols typically found in 95% of products sold by competitors; thus providing direct to consumer benefits & savings for you.

Since their launch in 2019, Ghost Democracy’s inflatable Ghost Democracy Mascot has been used as the face of their brand to connect directly with target audiences and establish relationships within communities. Furthermore, this costume has been featured prominently in multiple Instagram and TikTok posts to drive engagement and raise brand awareness.

How to Save Money at Ghost Democracy

Stay abreast of all of Ghost Democracy’s latest offers by subscribing to their newsletter – you’ll be informed about special discounts, sales, and promotions that won’t be available everywhere else! Plus they have a clearance page with huge savings off last season’s products!

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