Earn Cash Back at Gillette

Earn Cash Back at Gillette

Gillette has provided men with innovative shaving technology for over 100 years, creating innovative yet cost-effective razor blades. Additionally, they provide a subscription service which delivers products directly to your doorstep.

King Camp Gillette (1855-1932), having grown up poor following the Great Fire of Chicago which destroyed his family’s hardware supply business, established Gillette in 1891. Traveling salesman by trade, Gillette quickly began inventing mechanical gadgets he claimed numerous patents on. Although initially successful, profit only materialized after 1904 when Gillette invented disposable safety razor blades – something initially unsuccessful companies failed to achieve due to rising production costs.

Gillette quickly expanded its product offering after the success of their razor blade, and today offers an assortment of personal grooming items beyond shaving equipment – everything from hair colorants and fragrances to disposable razors and brushes are now offered by this international corporation with operations in over 150 countries worldwide.

Gillette experienced considerable profits losses during the 1960s due to competition from cheaper stainless steel blades made by English Wilkinson Sword Company and sold under the “Kleenex” trademark. To counter this threat, they increased their advertising budget and promoted product performance through broadcast sports sponsorships.

Gillette introduced two precision razors – Sensor 3 and Fusion5 ProShield razors – designed for precise shaving in 1973. While the Sensor 3 comes equipped with an integrated skin guard, while Fusion5 provides close and comfortable shaves.