Earn Cash Back at GoCube

Earn Cash Back at GoCube

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Dosh is an iOS and Android app that allows you to receive cash back on your purchases instantly when you shop at select stores. It also offers a free $1 welcome bonus when you sign up and connect your credit card, and you can earn $10 for every friend you refer.

Learn to Solve Rubik’s Cube with the GoCube and App

The GoCube is a smart puzzle cube that connects to a companion app via Bluetooth. The app guides you through the process of solving a Rubik’s cube and also records your progress. Its orientation sensors send data to the app that the app uses to create a virtual cube on the screen that mimics what the actual GoCube is doing.

It’s easy to use, and it helps you learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in just an hour. The app uses a videogame-style approach, breaking down each lesson in small chunks so that it’s easy to follow. It even alerts you if you’ve made a mistake, so you can correct it quickly and easily.

Battle against friends and strangers in VS mode or on leaderboards

The GoCube is an app-enabled puzzle cube that combines the best of a Rubik’s cube with a smartphone. It’s a unique and fun way to learn how to solve this timeless classic, and you can play with your family and friends!