Earn Cash Back at Goodfair

Earn Cash Back at Goodfair

Your ideal Goodfair credit card depends on your spending habits and should offer substantial cash back. For instance, consider selecting one with high percentage returns on restaurant and hotel purchases or airfare/car rental bookings, as well as offering generous return. It is also important to consider how long you plan on keeping it, any annual fees and balance transfer intro duration fees (FTGs).

Top cards in our Earn Cash Back category provide an average of 1.5% cash back on eligible purchases, such as groceries, gas or travel purchases. Discover It card features no annual fee and has an introductory balance transfer APR/DU of 0%; additionally it earns 5% cash back quarterly on any category chosen – we suggest choosing groceries, gas or travel.

Another excellent option is card_name, with no annual fee and earning 2% back on purchases made eligible purchases. This card offers an attractive balance transfer intro APR as well as low regular APR of only 16%. Furthermore, bonus categories like wedding expenses make this card an invaluable perk for anyone planning their big day!

Goodfair was established by Topper Luciani to combat fast fashion’s excessive waste and low wages in factories. Goodfair collects clothing from donation centers, collection boxes, thrift stores across the country for bundling before shipping it off to its warehouse in Houston for bundling into bundles such as Save the Earth (containing tie-dye T-shirt and two windbreakers) or Seasons Bundles designed to keep you warm from summer through winter – should any customers not be entirely satisfied with their order Goodfair offers a Second Chance option at just cost of shipping if your order wasn’t satisfied –