Earn Cash Back at Grassland Beef

Earn Cash Back When Purchasing Grassland Beef

In addition to organic beef, Grassland offers grass-fed chicken and pork products from family farms located in Northeast Missouri and Western Illinois that follow sustainable farming principles passed down from generation to generation – this produces healthier meat compared to feedlot meats. Their products can be found in grocery stores, restaurants and retail outlets for home delivery or pickup.

One way they make their product available to a wider audience is through an affiliate program, which pays commissions to bloggers and social media influencers who promote the company and drive sales. Influencers should create content that attracts visitors while driving conversions – this may include product displays, comparison tables or CTA buttons which help people find exactly what they’re searching for.

The company organizes “Friends and Family” shopping days that offer its employees a 60% discount off purchases made during these events, which take place throughout the year at various times and locations across North America. Guidelines regarding how this discount may be combined with other discounts may vary by location.

For customers unable to locate what they’re searching for on the website, the company provides phone numbers and email addresses they can contact directly. In addition, they’re active on Facebook and Instagram where a chat feature allows customers to submit questions directly.