Earn Cash Back at Greendigs

Price increases on everyday items can put a strain on your budget. To help you stretch it further, Select has collected some of the top apps offering cash back or rewards on purchases.

Cash back apps provide significant savings across your groceries, travel and more with PayPal, e-gift cards or bank transfers as rewards for rebates earned. Plus you can scan bar codes on products to gain more offers! Using these apps each month could add up to significant savings even though some other cash back apps may provide greater earnings potential.

Earning cash back with this free app is simple, though you will need to connect a credit card or PayPal account in order to start. Once connected, the app allows you to view how much cash back you have earned and set a reminder when it’s time to redeem them. Plus, alerts let you know when certain offers become available so you don’t miss any savings opportunities! With thousands of participating retailers you are sure to find some Greendigs offers worth taking advantage of, plus there is even a $1 welcome bonus just by connecting and inviting friends!