Earn Cash Back at Guess

Earn Cash Back at GUESS

A guess is an educated opinion or estimate, which can be both entertaining and useful when it comes to fashion. At Guess jeans, boots and accessories brand it’s all about anticipating the latest trends; their iconic triangle logo was inspired by driving down Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles where the Marciano brothers encountered McDonald’s billboard reading: “GUESS What’s in Our New Big Mac”. These encounters inspired them to develop the GUESS trademark as part of their daily drive-time ritual.

As a global company, GUESS recognizes their responsibility to select only suppliers who comply with international labor and human rights standards. Furthermore, GUESS takes environmental protection seriously by reducing greenhouse gas emissions per square foot in direct operations as well as installing energy efficient lighting in stores and decreasing packaging material consumption.

GUESS’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee convenes regularly to ensure all divisions of their company incorporate sustainable practices into everything they do. Regional Sustainability Committees work under this banner as well, integrating regional practices into overall company strategies.

GUESS has built an exceptional relationship with Homeboy Industries over many years of support for programs they run. Furthermore, GUESS adheres to inclusive hiring practices and fosters an environment of health for its 11,000 associates – the average length of employment with them being 2.4 years.