Earn Cash Back at Health-Ade

Earn Cash Back at HealthAde


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Health-Ade is an organic and non-GMO kombucha brand offering delicious feel good beverages with gut health benefits that allow consumers to follow their gut and express who they truly are. Established at Brentwood Farmers Market in 2012, their product can now be found nationwide at over 50,000 locations, such as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Safeway/Albertsons and Kroger stores.

Health-Ade offers not only traditional kombuchas, but also Super-Tea kombuchas for an added dose of antioxidants and flavor! Perfect for families.

Health-Ade’s founders had a deep love of kombucha and wanted to share it with everyone, especially through delicious beverages like this bubbly beverage. Health-Ade uses only top quality ingredients and produces its brew in super-small batches – two and half gallons at a time – in order to avoid metal leaching into their product while assuring optimal quality control standards.