Earn Cash Back at Hilton

Earn Cash Back at Hilton

At Hilton, you can earn cash back with every purchase – be it at office supply stores, cell phone providers, restaurants and gas stations. In addition, eligible prepaid hotel and rental car reservations booked through Travel Rewards Center also provide you with an opportunity for 5% cash back!

Cash Back Credit is earned based on Net Qualifying Purchases you make during each calendar month, as detailed in Section 3(a). Your Cash Back Credit will be deposited directly into Your Card Account on either the seventh day or, in its absence, on the next business day thereafter.

Your Cash Back Credit will be reduced by any credits posted to Your Card Account due to returns, chargebacks or adjustments according to the terms of this Program. A negative Cash Back Credit balance could occur if the total of these posted credits exceeds your Net Qualifying Purchases in that calendar month.

Use your cash back for travel expenses like airfare, hotels and car rentals or to cover other expenses that are often forgotten when using credit cards. Redeem it for gift cards or rewards such as U.S. Bank deposits or statement credits depending on the type of transaction and value of cash back redeemed.