Earn Cash Back at Hotels.com

Using a credit card to pay for your travel can be a great way to earn cash back. Many cards give you a sign-up bonus of miles, points, or both, so the rewards can be pretty large. There are also some other bonuses available. You can get a rebate on a hotel stay through Ebates, for example. Some cards let you transfer to different programs, so you can maximize your earning potential.

Another option is to use a travel portal to book your trip. The Capital One Travel portal allows you to get 5% cash back on your bookings. This is a fairly new feature, but it can save you a lot of money. In addition, the portal offers outstanding consumer protection options, and you can choose the cheapest flight possible.

Lastly, you can use TopCashBack to earn additional cash back on your travel expenses. TopCashBack has increased earning rates at many travel companies, and allows you to redeem your earnings through PayPal or an ACH transfer to your bank account. While the rates at the sites may be higher than before, you can also receive a 5% bonus on the cash back.

When you have already booked a hotel or a rental car, you can rebook through TopCashBack to earn more cash back. Make sure to review the terms and conditions for this offer before you make your purchase. Remember to take note of the rental car damage waiver.